Visit to St. Mary of Perpetual Help

My wife and I visited St. Mary of Perpetual Help in Chicago for Mass at 10:30am on Sunday, September 13th, 2009.  Many thanks to Father Don Craig and organist Geoff Pautsch for their hospitality.  St. Mary’s is the “twin” church of St. Casimir, built by the same architect, Henry Engelbret, and dedicated in 1892, just two years after St. Casimir’s church was completed.  While both churches are architecturally almost identical, the interior decorations are different.  In addition, over time, some of the original work has been replaced.  However, a visit to St. Mary of Perpetual Help will bring back a flood of memories and thanks that this magnificent building has been preserved.   (St. Mary’s of Perpetual Help is located at 1039 West 32nd Street, Chicago, IL, 60608.